Roofing Company Paisley

At Paisley Roofing, we offer a variety of services and can work on a range of different roof types.

  • Slate/Tile

Due to their beauty and durability, tiles are the most common roofing materials for many homeowners. Installation and repair of tiles can be challenging, especially to inexperienced roofing contractors. Our roofers are up to the task, and they can install, repair, and clean tiled roofs within your budgets and timelines.

  • EPDM

EPDM is a synthetic rubber, which is commonly used for roofing. Note that EPDM is eco-friendly, and it doesn’t contaminate running water.
We are aware of the benefits of EPDM, and we know how to use it for roofing. More importantly, our contractors have experience in installing and maintaining EPDM.

  • Rubber roof

Our roofers have the right equipment to install, repair, and clean rubber roofs for you.

  • Flat roof

Although concrete tiles and asphalt shingles are accessible roofing materials, they are prone to leak. Flat roofing systems require specific elements, such as PVC and EPDM rubbers, for their covering. Our roofers are adept in installing, replacing, and repairing flat roofs.

  • Conservatory roof

A conservatory roof is made from glass panes, and its ceilings are hot in summer and cold in winter. At Paisley Roofing Services, we can install your conservatory roof using materials, such as polycarbonate and aluminium.

  • Dry verge

Dry verges offer a durable roofing option, and it uses interlocking caps to fit over the edge of roofing tiles. Our technical experts are conversant with how to use dry verge systems to interlock tiles without using mortar.

  • Ridge capping

Ridge capping entails placing a trim along the roof’s peak where two roofing slopes connect. Our technicians have immense experience in installing ridge caps, and their services can exceed your expectations.

  • Emergency roof repair

At Paisley Roofing Services, we offer emergency roof repair, especially when your roof is damaged unexpectedly.

Our team of professionals are ready to bring your roof back to a healthy state!

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