How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Roof?

A normal roof repair can cost anywhere from 100- 1,300 depending on the scale of the damages. Minor repair/ fix leak – £150 Fitting a roof vent – £240 replacing lead on chimney – £300 Clean gutters – £40-80 Replace one single ridge tile – £75-120

What is the best type of material for a flat roof?

PVC roofing is the recommended material for flat roofs. First, the reinforced membrane makes PVC roofs durable to the elements and the cracking which normally depletes the lifespan of the roof. PVC roofing is ideal for flat roofing due to the lack of maintenance required.. We offer 20 year warranty on our flat roofs.

What is the cost of a flat roof replacement?

Garage roofs are commonly built with flat roofs, and normally the price is around 700-1300 for a garage roof replacement. This is all dependant on the size and accessibility of the roof, including what material is chosen. Felt roof (£40 – £60/m2) Fibreglass (£70 – £90/m2) Lead bay (£90 – £105/m2) Rubber(£80 – £85 perm2) Fibreglass (£95 – £120/m2)